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Engineering Technology Associates

Master Distributor

Asia Pacific Middle East


ETA-APME is an engineering firm involved in consulting, training, sales and support services of CAE software. ETA-APME offers tools, talent and technology to the development of automotive, aerospace, electronics and sheet metal forming industries. The product portfolio consists of ETA products: Dynaform, PreSys, VPG, ACP and VR&D products: Genesis, ESLDYNA, GSAM/GTAM, VisualDOC, DOT/BIGDOT Optimization Software.


ETA-APME with its highly experienced team offers engineering consultancy services in following areas:

Sheet Metal Forming :
  • Formability simulation
  • Blank size engineering
  • Die structure optimization
  • Die Evaluation
  • Scrap shedding and removal
  • Material transfer and handling
Virtual Proving Ground for Automotive applications :
  • Vehicle crash simulations
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Vehicle rollover simulation
  • Structural analysis
Design and Styling using Alias
Full Vehicle Development program
EV Development program

ETA-APME has expertise in providing on-site support services to clients and can supplement client staff by providing experienced engineering professionals.

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc (ETA, Inc) was founded in 1983 in Detroit and has 300+ employees worldwide. ETA has a wealth of experience in simulation products and projects with 30+ years of cooperation with major auto companies, mould factories, universities and research institutes. ETA-APME is the master distributor for ETA Products for Asia Pacific & Middle East Region.We sell, teach, support, and co-develop ETA software and provide engineering services.

Vanderplaats Research & Development Inc (VRAND, Inc) was established in 1984 with a vision of “Every product is optimized.” The company has evolved into a premier software company, developing and marketing a number of design optimization tools, providing professional services and training, and engaging in ongoing advanced research. ETA-APME is a channel partner of VR&D to distribute its products and services in India.