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Disrupting Simulation with New Technologies

ACP, AI, ML and EVs

November 5th Tuesday - 2019
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ETA is a Detroit based company with 36 years of Automotive Simulation Expertise Worldwide.
This is an all-day event to bring people from Simulation community together to promote an international exchange of thoughts on the latest trends, concepts and knowledge in CAE technologies. We will also launch our new cutting edge simulation products: Accelerated Concept to Product, DYNAFORM 6.0 and CADLM.

08:30 - 09:00

Registration and welcome drink

09:00 - 09:20

Opening Ceremony, ETA-APME Products review and launch

Shuhab Ahmed
MD, ETA-APME, Bangalore

09:20 - 09:40

Overview: Accelerated Concept to Product

Dr. Akbar Farahani

09:40 - 10:00

The Evolution of Next Generation CAE Technology

Prakash Krishnaswamy

CEO, Xitadel, Bangalore

10:00 - 10:20

Machine Learning in CAE

Kambiz Kayvantash
CEO, CADLM, France

10:20 - 10:40

Simulation in EV design

R. Srikanth
EV, Automotive Simulation Expert, Bangalore

10:40 - 11:00

The Bounce Story and Road to Electrification

Aniket Patil
Manager Special Initiatives, Bounce, Bangalore

11:00 - 11:30


11:30 - 11:50


Divesh Mittal

11:50 - 12:10

Latest Trends in Ls Dyna

Jitesh Erancheri
Country Head, Kaizenat, Bangalore

12:10 - 12:30

Application of presys vpg tire
in wheel rim industry

Tushar Sharma
Assistant Manager R&D, SSWL, Chandigarh

12:30 - 12:50

VPG Suite: A new vertical application for
Crash/Safety, Durability and Vehicle Dynamics

Divesh Mittal

12:50 - 13:50


13:50 - 14:10

Simulatioin of sheet metal forming
for automotive applications

Dr. Ravi Kumar
Professor, IIT Delhi, Delhi

14:10 - 14:30

FEA in sheet metal forming

Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh
Professor, GRIET, Hyderabad

14:30 - 14:50

Die Structure Optimization

Velpandiyan G
Sheet: metal Stamping Engineer
M&M, Chennai

14:50 - 15:20

DYNAFORM 6.0 Launch: Overview and Demo

Jenson (CC) Chen

15:20 - 15:40


15:40 - 16:00

Guided Computation For Rapid Simulation Assisted Design: Ml With FEA And CFD

Kiran Narayanan,
PhD, Co-founder & CEO, UnitX Technologies

16:00 - 16:20

XIPA: High Performance CAE Modeling Technology

Xitadel, Bangalore

16:20 - 16:40

CADLM ODYSSEE Launch: Overview and Demo

Kambiz Kayvantash
CEO, CADLM, France

16:40 - 17:30




ETA-APME'S Product Launch Event
Be future ready with our cutting edge simulation technologies

Today, hardly any automotive goes into production without being thoroughly tested in simulations. This is necessary as product cycles become ever shorter, exposing manufacturers to much greater time pressure. The much-discussed digitalization of processes has found its way into the automotive industry.
Cutting edge simulation technologies are saving billions of lives, resources, money and time. The door to a better future begins here...

Key Speakers
Dr. Akbar Farahani
CEO, ETA Inc, Detroit USA

Dr. Farahani has led the way in the development of ETA's award winning Accelerated Concept to Product Process, in collaboration with BetaCAE. He has patents on Optimization Systems and Design Optimization System.

Prakash "Krish" Krishnaswamy
CEO, Xitadel, Bangalore

With 30+ years of experience and CEO of Xitadel he also co-founded EASI Engineering (1981), a leader in CAE technology and pioneered a viable global delivery model EASi India (1992).

Shuhab Ahmed
Managing Director ETA-APME, and a Board Member ETA

A Seasoned Professional with a deep understanding of turning around companies with judicious use of Technology. Teamwork and Partnerships with a background in Financial Analytics, Enterprise Board Member ETA Project Management and Software Engineering.

Kambiz Kayvantash

Over 25 years of experience in modeling and optimization, numerical analysis, nonlinear mechanics, stochastic analysis, artificial intelligence, optimization robust design.

R. Srikanth
EV, Automotive Simulation Expert, Bangalore

Over 25 years of product design and Development leveraging simulation technology, spanning concept design to control systems, optimization etc, to deliver certainty in performance in shortened time.

Jenson Chen (CC)
DYNAFORM Project Manager, ETA Inc, USA

Over 18 years of experience LS-DYNA®, DYNAFORM® and VPG™ sheet metal forming, tu bular/sheet hydroforming and rotary draw bending formability, Draw Die Development, Draw Die Design, Die System Analysis.

Tushar Sharma
R&D at SSWL, Chandigarh

Skilled in PTC Creo, Ansys, Nas tran, Microsoft Excel, Solidworks, Hypermesh, Autocad, Product Design, Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

Divesh Mittal
ACP OpDesign Product Manager

Product manager for ACP Op Design, researching numerous facets of simulation such as full vehicle durability/ride & handling simulations, crash & safety, stamping simulations and optimization.

Velpandiyan G
Sheet Metal Stamping Simulation engineer, M&M, Chennai

Having 7 years of experience in Sheet Metal forming analysis for BIW parts with experience in draw die development, Modeling surfaces, Incremental simulation Virtual Tryout, Springback analysis, Springback compensation strategy

Jitesh Erancheri
Country Head, Kaizenat, Bangalore

14 years of experience EASI, LMS International & Kaizenat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 12 Years of LSDYNA support experience. LS-DYNA Trainer for all Major Automotive cheri OEMs, Aerospace and Major Consumer Goods companies.

Aniket Patil
Manager Special Initiatives, Bounce, Bangalore

A distinguished graduate from National Institute of Design with extensive experience in resolving electric mobility challenges around 'last and first-mile mobility in personal, commercial and logistics sector.

Kiran Narayanan
PhD, Co-founder & CEO, UnitX Technologies

CEO of UnitX, a company that provides an online platform for HPC applications that connects to a global supercomputing network. He has over 14 years of ex-perience in scalable, parallel al-gorithms, FEA and CFD.

Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh
Professor, GRIET, Hyderabad

Research on Numerical Simulation and Experimental studies on Formability, Characterization of Low Carbon and Austenitic Stainless Steels, Titanium Grade-5, DP Steel and Zircally with over 130 international journals and conference papers.

Dr. D. Ravi Kumar
Professor, IIT Delhi, Delhi

Interests include Sheet Metal Forming and FE Analysis and over 40 research papers in national and international journals and conferences. Dr. Ravi Kumar won the Best R&D project award in Tata Steel for the year 1997-98.


A True innovation leader in product design, development and simulation technologies, Engineering Technology Associates Inc, ETA is a 36 year old company in Detroit with offices in China and India.
ETA has 300+ employees worldwide with a robust team of distributers in UK, Germany, Korea and Japan.
ETA has wealth of experience in simulation products and full vehicle development projects with over 30 years of cooperation with the major automotive OEMs worldwide including the supply of skilled manpower.
This is an all-day event to bring people from Simulation community together to promote an international exchange of thoughts on the latest trends, concepts and knowledge in CAE technologies. We will also launch our new cutting edge simulation products: Accelerated Concept to Product, DYNAFORM 6.0 and CADLM.


Accelerated Concept to Product, Holistic optimization led design process, Artificial Intelligence in CAE, Machine Learning in CAE, Electric Vehicle, Sheet metal forming, Formability Simulation

Patented Product Development and Design Optimization
ACP driven E-Bike Prototype
Die System Simulation with all new GUI
Artificial Intelligence in CAE

The patented Accelerated Concept to Product Process, ACP Process developed in collaboration with BETA CAE, has revolutionized and streamlined the product development process through optimization led design.

Based on the advanced SPDRM process management software of BETA CAE system ACP orchestrates the phases of
Product design and development and evaluates multiple design concepts under multidisciplinary loads, through topology and geometry, grade and gauge optimization.
The key benefits of the ACP Process Includes demonstrated capability to reduce product development costs significantly reduce product mass by approximately 20-40 % and reduce product development time, while Improving product performance in terms of suliness, NVH, Crash/Safety and durability.


DYNAFORM is a complete die system simulation solution which allows engineers to accurately simulate metal stamping to predict formability issues, validate die design and improve manufacturing efficiency reducing product development time and profitability. The system guides the engineer through blank size estimation blank nesting cost estimation, quoting die evaluation and formability analysis.

Dynaform 6.0 offers an all-new graphic user interface with combined pre-and post-processing capabilities. Users quickly can conduct sheet metal stamping simulations to estimate the blank cost and formability of stamping parts using gilded process wizards. In addition, new features are included, such as a simulation data manager and Microsoft PowerPoint-based automatic report generation. The new software also consists of simplified as well as advanced cUstomized features to reduce set-up time.

Dynaform 6.0 will improve the efficiency and productivity of stamping engineers with no prior experience in stamping simulation.

Developed by CADLM, ODYSSEE is a powerful platform which enables the use of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Aided Engineering with machine learning, data processing, signals processing, Image processing and recognition, data compression and data fusion, as well as data analytics.

With the help of reduced model order reduction techniques user can carry out Automotive Crash and safely analysis in real time with the animation. For a typical problem where FE analysis takes hours CADLM LUNAR can generate the results within a few seconds.

Who Should Attend?

We invite Engineering Directors, Decision Makers, CAE experts, Application Engineers, Researchers from the CAE community representing OEMs and suppliers mainly from Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Aerospace, Metal forming, Manufacturing, Heavy machinery, Oil Gas Medical Products and Consumer electronics industries.

We welcome everyone who wish to explore the latest trends in CAE simulation technologies and be future ready.


  •  Meet industry experts in ACP, AI, ML and EVs
  •  Meet ETA's CEO, Dr. Farahani and VP Sales, CC Chen and know more about our state of art software solutions
  •  Sign up for in-depth workshops and get a first look at all simulation software demos
  •  Network and exchange ideas with fellow CAE experts from around the globe
  •  Q&A Session

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