ETA is an engineering solutions & consulting company, offering services from Concept to Product. The firm is a leading provider of product design and development solutions along with FEA software tools, serving the automotive, aerospace, energy & power, oil & gas, electronic packaging, biomedical and civil engineering industries.

The ETA engineering team specializes in linear & non-linear stress analysis, crash, NVH, durability, safety, thermal analysis, seismic analysis, CFD, electromagnetic, composite material analysis and civil-structure analysis & design.


Services Offered:

  • Full vehicle, Sub-system & Component Analysis
  • Crash & Occupant Safety Simulations
  • Durability & NVH
  • Concept & Development
  • Design verification
  • Design Optimization
  • Metal forming Analysis
  • Die Structure Optimization
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation & Analysis

Patented ACP Process

The Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process® is a patented, performance-driven, proprietary product development method based on CAE. It incorporates multiple CAE & optimization tools to generate an optimal design solution.
With the ACP Process® hundreds of design concepts under multiple load conditions are evaluated simultaneously. Only those concepts that meet all of the design targets and manufacturing constraints are initiated. The resulting concept(s) is designed, analyzed and optimized using loading, manufacturing, material and cost constraints. This ensures that the final product meets all performance, mass and cost constraints. Applied at the component, sub-system or full- system level, significant efficiencies and product improvements are achievable using ACP.


ACP Results:

  • Reduce Development Cost by 35-40%
  • Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Reduce Mass by ~ 20%
  • Improve Product Performance
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency


Product Design and Development

Whether beginning with rough design ideas, detailed concepts, or the need to optimize an existing product, ETA-APME’s staff of creative and advanced analysis engineers can create high quality CAD designs that will translate into high performing, efficient & high-quality products.
The team excels at creating product designs with unique styling, which also meet performance requirements. Using a CAE centred design approach, the engineers take manufacturing & cost constraints into consideration very early in the product development cycle. This reduces product development time & cost while improving manufacturing efficiency. To achieve these results, our engineering team employs the newest technologies, including the best engineering design tools and technologies combined with its proprietary product development methodology.


CAE/FEA Analysis

A leading full-service CAE/FEA services supplier to the various industries, ETA-APME offers extraordinary capabilities in CAE to support structural product development. The engineering group has extensive experience in durability, vehicle dynamics, crash & safety, NVH, metal stamping, CAE process development & manufacturing process improvement. The team is skilled at using event-based simulations of dynamic non-linear systems to analyze performance for a wide range of products in a multitude of industries. With the use of CAE, companies are able to streamline the product development cycle and improve manufacturing efficiency. The results are higher performing, safer products met with lower product development costs.