A complete engineering consulting team, we develop the most cost effective, high performing products for our clients from Concept to Product.

With extensive CAD/CAE experience, The ETA team is highly skilled in using the  latest technological advancements (tools and materials) to help our clients develop the highest performing products in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible cost.

Our engineering team offers the innovation and adaptability of a smaller firm, along with in-depth processes and aptitude gained while working with the world’s largest manufactures. We take pride in continuous improvement and developing new advancements in order to benefit our clients.

  • Full Vehicle Development

As a progressive engineering services and software provider, we have over 36 years of experience working with OEM’s and suppliers within the automotive, truck and bus industries throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. This has allowed for us to transition into many other industries –aerospace, military, medical appliances, consumer electronics and renewable resources.

Our team has worked on a number of full vehicle programs for cars, buses and trucks. The programs includecoordinating project cost and timing forecasts, concept design, CAE analysis, manufacturing, test/validation and product release.

The holistic management of full vehicle programs has been facilitated by leveraging ETA’s collaboration and partnerships with world-renowned suppliers for testing (MGA and TRC in the U.S., MIRA in the U.K, IDIADA in Spain, CATARC in China) and technical design centers in Europe and Asia.

We are well equipped to handle the complex requirements for full vehicle design and development. Our engineering services team has managed intricate project requests and design schedules internationally. This is why several OEM’s haven chosen to utilize our expertise, allowing for our team to develop an comprehensive resume of full vehicle engineering services.